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Happiness “people's evaluations of their lives and encompasses both cognitive judgments of satisfaction and affective appraisals of moods and emotions” (Kesebir & Diener, 2008, p. 118)

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placebo is an interactive installation the piece discusses ideas of happiness in a modern world looking at our  The pills used a harmless and safe to ingest. A placebo is a  substance made to look like a drug but does es not contain any active drug. Most studies show that 72 of patients feel a difference after taking the drug(placebo) even though there is no inherent medical value in taking it. It's only when a subject believes that the drug will have and effect that it has a psychological effect. 

happiness is something that we have always tried to define and quantify. but as elusive as it is to most as humans we interpret happiness differently but in the modern age where our views of being happy are materialistic and idealized by media and society and our pursuit of happiness has become just as warped instead of working towards being happy and self-reflection we look for a quick fix and become unsatisfied when we ultimately fail at our attempts.