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mold making

Updated: Jul 23

going into the third week i de-molded my first bust i made in the previous week and finished two more sculptures it was a more of repetitive process but i managed to cut down the process time of the negative molds. I did this by using a self thickening silicone so that i can get cover the sculptures faster with thicker layers cutting down the mold making process ,i also used hessian in in layers with the plaster which adds strength to the plaster without having to do as many layers. it also makes it slightly lighter as there isn't as much plaster making the casting process allot easier especially with the large molds.

after making the final two sculptures i got a better understanding the overall feel of these works and how i would best use them as a trio . i continued the mark making with the rest of the sculptures and hope this will create some narratives for the audience.towards the end of the week i looked at what materials can be used to interact with the sculptures experimenting with reflective film .

after the first mold was cleaned i tested some plaster to see if how hard removal would be, the mold held well and gave me nice plaster face. That may be used in some way later in the project as it has a nice likeness and creates an interesting effect aginst flat surfaces Going into next week i will be focusing on lightweight materials that can be used for casting .

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