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final week

Updated: Jul 23

in the final week my main focus was on curation and how i would fit my work with the other artists focusing on spacing of sculpture . Using most of the open floor as possible allowing the audience more room to move between sculptures as well as . I also applied a reflective film to the partitions so the audience has more of an interaction with walls as well as the sculpture themselves the reflections help play into the ideas of obscuration that the work is dealing with.

once i mounted the busts on the stands with the feet , i realised the whole stand had to be used due the amount of free space , it also rewards the viewer when discovering the full sculpture. . with this in my mind i sculpted the figure obscuring following the theme of the installation. the conveyed an almost organ or skeletal style which helps subvert the viewers expectations before seeing the complete sculpture , using this style allowed me to use a variety of materials and that i used through out the residency bringing the audience into my practice.

The pink chosen was picked as its a colour which relates to love and self love as the work plays on notions of mental health. Along with being a colour heavily linked to femininity having all the male sculptures being represented in this way adds an interesting contrast to ideas we generally link to masculinity.

the work also includes my finish sound i started last week based on conversation and diary entries. it plays out like a phone call which covers topics about connecting to others and isolation the audio is heavily edited so the viewer can just make out what is being said and it also adds a level of mystery the sound originally was an idea i removed but naturally fit into the work and helped grab the viewers attention that works nicely with the walls.

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