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Updated: Jul 23

shaping spaces residency week 1

My proposal for shaping spaces was to create a series of sculptures that would interact with surfaces as well as the audience I also wanted to explore the viewer’s perception of the piece by obscuring the art from the viewer I think this might be an interesting interaction to explore.

During the first week I kept my ideas loose and tried enjoy the process of making while exploring the space and how to best utilise it. Working mainly with clay I sculpted a series of rough busts that I could use to plan out my space. The sculpting process is the most enjoyable stage of the work especially as you start to refine them there’s a great sense of reward and you create this connection with them.

Mapping out my space with the sculptures I wanted to figure out how I would start to craft the structural components around these sculptures these partitions/walls would block the audiences line of sight and even there pathway to the works . Concurrently i tried more abstract sculptural shapes to see how they would contrast and complement the more figurative sculptures.

Going into 2nd week i plan to further develop this process and have some more refined sculptural work as well as experiment with some materials.

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